House of Jolly

Sh. Rajesh BhargavaManaging Director

Sh. Rajesh Bhargava is the driving force behind the house of Jolly. Founded by his father in 1944, Rajesh took over Jolly at a young age after the passing of his father. A first-year engineering student at that time, young Rajesh took upon the responsibility to establish the legacy his father left behind whilst pursuing his full-time Engineering Degree from Delhi College of Engineering.

An alumnus of St. Columba’s School, Delhi, Rajesh Bhargava attributes his adherence to discipline to his schooling. Having dedicated his life’s work at Jolly for half a century, Rajesh Bhargava is as driven today, as he was when he first joined the family business. His biggest source of inspiration to this day continues to be his late father, whose principles, actions and words resonate and serve as a guiding light to this day.

Fueled by his passion to improve his products, young Rajesh’s quest was to create a niche for Jolly. His mantra of ‘when you seek perfection, there is always a vacancy at the top’ has been the principle force behind countless innovations at Jolly. This attention to detail and his unrelenting dedication is the reason why Jolly ’s products are hard to replicate by their industry-peers.

Aditya BhargavaDirector

Aditya, a pedigreed businessman, is at the helm of strategy and operations at Jolly. Finding his core strength in meticulous research and setting stringent processes, Aditya is the man behind Jolly's hallmark product quality.

Backed with an engineering degree from MIT Pune and an MBA from Cardiff Business School, Aditya has worked with TATA Motors in the past and gained invaluable experience and insights from his experience there. Today, operating with a disciplined work ethic, Aditya is constantly inspired by his father, who is an absolute visionary and the organisation's guiding force.

Aditya envisions for Jolly to set industry standards and become a name etched in the history of India's infrastructural growth and development.

Akshay BhargavaDirector

Akshay, an innovator par excellence, drives the organisation's research and development teams. Inherently industrious, Akshay seeks to introduce the subcontinent's market to the highest realms of luxury in hardware design and functionality.

An engineering graduate from Amity IP University, Akshay is an MBA from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, and holds a certificate in Digital Marketing from XLRI.

Within his two decades of industry experience, Akshay has been instrumental in making Jolly India's most sought-after hardware brand. He now seeks to take the organisation global by beginning expansion in the neighbouring countries of South Asia and conquering their markets with Jolly’s bespoke quality products, as well.

Chandni BhargavaDirector

Over the last decade, Chandni has focused all her energy on building the brand 'Jolly'. Her efforts to showcase the exceptional design, quality, and craftsmanship of every Jolly product ever produced have yielded pan-India, industry-wide acclaim.

A mother and a businesswoman, Chandni is unrelenting in her efforts toward realizing the vision of making Jolly a household name.

Having completed her BBA from Amity University, Chandni then did her MBA from Cardiff Business School. A self-driven, highly motivated businesswoman, Chandni plans to take Jolly to new heights through strategic brand positioning and partnerships.

Sheetal BhargavaDirector

The most recent entrant to Jolly, Sheetal joined the family business in 2021. Sheetal looks after the brand, Maranello, which deals with high-end, intricate and ultra-luxurious handles. A young mother and a Dentist by qualification, Sheetal brings a fresh yet methodical perspective to Jolly. Her area of focus includes growing Maranello and Jolly to new heights by introducing jaw-dropping designs inspired from cultures all over the world. Sheetal also wants to bring visibility to diverse Indian design styles crafted for the sensibilities of luxury and art connoisseurs alike.

Sheetal also wants to focus on shaping Jolly ’s work culture by creating inclusivity, empowerment and ownership across all levels to create a deeper level of employee engagement and satisfaction.