Stainless Steel Butt Hinges With Pin Lock

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  • PVD Gold
  • PVD Rose Gold
  • Rustoline
  • AB
  • Matt Black
  • Raven Black
  • Graphite

Available in 14 size variants

Sizes:65mm(21×16), 75mm (3×16), 125mm (5×14), 75mm Heavy(3×12), 100mm(4×14), 100mm Heavy(4×12), 125mm Heavy(5×12), 125x76x2.5mm, (5×12 Heavy), 150mm Heavy(6×12), 100x76x2.5mm, (4×12 Heavy), 4×10(100x76x3.0mm), 5×10(125x76x3.0mm), 5x10H (125x89x3.0mm), 6x10H (150x89x3.0mm)



Coming up with an array of Jolly’s inclusive finishes this butt hinge design with an advanced pin lock mechanism provides an advanced security for your cabinet doors. Bad news for the intruders! Once installed the pin locks cannot be unhinged by unwanted pulling and wrenching. This exclusive design from the house of Jolly safeguards your door forever with a guaranteed security.

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