Stainless Steel Superior Furniture Hinges

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  • PVD Gold
  • PVD Rose Gold
  • Rustoline
  • AB
  • Matt Black
  • Raven Black
  • Graphite

Available in 17 size variants

Sizes: 60x27x10mm(21/2”AssamCut), 75x19x13mm(3xCutMedium)18G, 75x15x15mm(3xSmallNarrow)16G, 75x18x18mm(3xNarrowMedium)18G, 75x19x13mm(3xCutHeavy)16G, 75x15x10mm(3xSmallCut)16G, 75x18x18mm(3xNarrowHeavy)16G, 75x27x10mm(3xAssamCut)16G, 75x19x25mm(3×3/4×1), 75x13x25mm(3×1/2×1), 75x25mm(3x1x1), 100x15x10mm(4xSmallCut)16G, 100x19x13mm(4xCut)16G, 100x18x18mm(4xNarrow)16G, 100x13x25mm16G(4×1/2×1), 100x19x25mm16G(4×3/4×1), 100mmStoneHinges(4SH)



Sturdy built hinges with a gamut of sizes and slim-chic designs Stainless Steel Superior Furniture Hinges are perfect match for your light doors such as cabinets and cupboards. The frictionless smooth motion offer a Zen care with everlasting performance.

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